The Process

Deciding to let someone else look at your work can be scary.


The “What ifs” can be overwhelming: What if your writing isn’t good enough? What if you made sloppy mistakes? What if your argument doesn’t make sense? What if your graphics are too obscure to clarify your text? What if the editor tells me to burn it and start over?

My job is to help you feel more confident about your writing. I offer easy fixes and constructive criticism. And, because I edit electronically, you always have the power to accept or reject any changes or suggestions I make.

So, how does it work?


Step 1

Complete the Request a Free Quote form with details about your document and editing needs.

Step 2

I review your request and email you with more details—including my own availability. At this time, I will also request a 5–10 page sample of your document.

Step 3

I review your sample and return it to you with notes and an estimated price for the entire project. You review any marks, my comments, and the quote.

Step 4

When we decide to work together, we both sign a contract stipulating all expectations: fees, deadline, type of edit, etc.

Step 5

You submit a payment of 50% of estimated costs to secure your place in my schedule. After receipt of payment, I begin working on your document, per our agreement.

Step 6

I return your edited document and style sheet as locked files. Upon receipt of final payment, I send you the password to unlock the files.

Step 7

You confidently take your writing to the next level (whether that is submission for publication, another edit, or a re-draft)!


Please note:

Bleeding Pen Editing will not accept any work that is illegal under Canada’s hate speech laws or would be considered discriminatory by Ontario’s Human Rights Commission.