Frequently Asked Questions


“Do I really need an editor?”


“Yes. Yes, you do.”


What does an Editor do?

Professional editors help businesses and individuals present messages that are clear, concise, and on-point. Editors examine everything from the big picture to the minute detail. They look at layout to ensure a readable text; they verify that graphics add to the message; they suggest changes to make format and font unobtrusive. Editors fine-tune complex sentences and suggest precise words to eliminate jargon and misunderstanding.

In sum, editors make readers’ and writers’ lives easier!

What Services do you offer?

I offer six main editorial services:

  • Structural Editing (The Big Picture)

  • Stylistic Editing (Refinement)

  • Copy Editing (The Nuts & Bolts)

  • Proofreading (Quality Control)

  • Red Pen Praising (Only the Best)

  • Journal Formatting (Fine Details)

For more information about each service, please visit my “Editorial Services” page.

Custom services are available upon request.

What kinds of things do you edit?

The short answer: Everything!

The longer answer: I offer editing services for all types of documents, including (but not limited to): journal and book manuscripts, theses and dissertations, community newsletters, website copy, personal résumés and CVs, fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, marketing material, editorials, and internal business memos. Basically, if you’re communicating in written format, I can edit your work!

Specifically, What Types of Work have you edited?

I have edited a variety of different works: conference proceedings, peer-reviewed journal articles, K-12 educational materials, large-scale international science documents, Master’s theses, PhD dissertations, and children’s books. As well, I have consulted with individuals and businesses to translate or improve their communication with personnel and clients (e.g., internal memos, instruction manuals, personnel files).

To learn more about my experience and who I am, please visit my “About” page.

Who are your clientele?

I have worked with individuals and businesses from a variety of sectors, including: academia, education, arts, business, non-profit, technology, and health care. New clients are always welcome!

Why would I want someone who isn’t an expert in my field to edit my work?

When someone outside your field looks at your work, they can identify areas that require clarification, less jargon, or more detail. Sometimes, we assume our readers are inside our heads; and while we think we’ve written a precise and error free argument, we’ve actually presented something quite muddled. A “non-expert” is sometimes just the reader you need!

Any individual or business that releases communications in written format can use an editor’s services to save time and money, to ensure their message is clear, to present themselves professionally (without embarrassing mistakes), and to make the most impact with their intended audience.

For more information, please visit Editors Canada, where you will find five good reasons to hire an editor and more details about what a professional editor can do for you.

Can you Translate to / From French?

Oui. Bien sûr.

However, I primarily work in English, so translation services will take more time.

Are your services comparable in price to other editors?

My rates are competitive. Professional freelance editors’ rates vary depending on the industry, the type of editing, the deadline, and an editor’s experience, amongst other factors.

For more information about industry rates, please visit Editors Canada; their page “What do Editors Charge?” provides more detail.

What forms of Payment do you Accept?

I accept payment through INTERAC e-Transfer and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). Credit card payments are processed through Stripe.

I offer a small discount for payments through INTERAC e-Transfer.

How do you determine a project’s price?

I weigh several different aspects together to determine a rough estimate of how long and how intense an individual project will be. A shorter, less-complicated document will cost less than a book-length manuscript.

Please take a moment to read the steps in my process to find out more, or request a free quote.

I’m a University student on a tight budget. Do you offer discounts?

Yes; please contact me. I can offer students and those looking for help with their résumé / CV discounted rates.

Why Does student work need special permission from the Academic Supervisor?

Universities use students’ written work as a form of testing both their knowledge and ability to communicate effectively in written form. If an editor is hired to completely overhaul a student’s written work it could be argued that the work is no longer reflective of the student’s ability. For this reason, there is an ethical responsibility to obtain the academic supervisor’s permission, and clearly define the terms of the editor’s role.

For more information, please read Editors Canada’s “Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Student Texts.”

I’m not sure what kind of editing I need. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely! Complete the Request a Free Quote form with as many details as possible. In your message, indicate that you aren’t sure what your manuscript needs. I’ll take a look and we can discuss the options.

I’m afraid you’ll
“bleed all over my paper!”

Allowing someone else to read what you’ve written can be intimidating. After all, nobody likes criticism.

However, if you plan to publish your writing, you want people to read it. You want people to understand what you’ve written. You don’t want them to dismiss your article (or book, or blog post) as unintelligible, sloppy, or weak simply because of a few misused words and grammatical errors. You want me to find the inconsistencies and mistakes so you can fix them before you publish (shhhh … it’ll be our little secret).

I try to be gentle (but that doesn’t mean my “pen” won’t leave a lot of red marks behind). My goal is to offer constructive criticism—suggestions aimed at improving your work. Because I edit electronically, you always have the power to reject any changes I make or suggest. After all, this is your writing. I’m just here to help you make it better!

How long will it take you to
edit my Document?

Every manuscript is different. As such, the length of time I need will depend on your manuscript’s length, its intended audience, the type of document, the editing service required, and whether citation or fact-checking is required, amongst other factors.

Request a free quote, and I can provide you with a more accurate answer.