Editorial Services


Editorial services start at $40.

I offer a variety of editing services to help your writing reach its target audience. Depending on your needs, I will correct mechanical and consistency issues, help you eliminate awkward and redundant phrasing, or suggest options for reorganizing and clarifying your work. My purpose is to support you in presenting a message that is clear and consistent, without sanitizing the textures and nuances of your own voice.

I offer six main editing services. Custom services are available on request.


Structural Editing
(The Big Picture)

Structural editing is a big-picture examination of a manuscript. During a structural edit, I will suggest changes to organization, content, and structure in order to improve clarity and flow. I will note any gaps in internal logic and identify areas where further information is needed.

Stylistic Editing

Stylistic editing adds a layer of clarity to a document. During a stylistic edit, I will examine your document line-by-line for non-mechanical issues (e.g., jargon, reading level, meaning). The intent is to clarify meaning and polish the language while leaving important textures and nuances intact. I may suggest changes to tables or figures to improve readability.

Copy Editing
(The Nuts & Bolts)

Copy editing is a detailed examination of a manuscript. During a copy edit, I will examine your document for mechanical errors (e.g., grammar, spelling, punctuation) and eliminate any embarrassing mistakes. I will mark inconsistencies including in font type, mechanics, citation style, layout, and internal facts and logic. As well, I will closely examine captions and credit-lines. I may suggest minor stylistic changes, like word choice and formatting.


(Quality Control)

Proofreading is typically the final stage of editing before a manuscript is submitted for publication. During a proofread, I will advise you of any potential problems, flagging or eliminating only glaring errors in spelling, presentation, layout, and consistency.

Red Pen Praising
(Only the Best)

Red pen praising is a relatively novel form of editing that highlights only the best of a manuscript. This type of constructive criticism often surprises writers—emphasizing elements they previously ignored, or overlooking parts they thought were brilliant. While red pen praising, I will mark only what I love (e.g., words, phrases, ideas). These marks can then be used to re-draft and improve your manuscript.

Journal Formatting
(Fine Details)

Journal formatting can be a tedious and time-consuming task—nuanced requirements vary by journal and style guide. When formatting your article for a specific journal, I will focus on your in-text citations, footnotes, captions, and reference pages to meet your target journal’s requirements.

Not sure what type of editing you need?